How to Become A Christian


How Do I Become A Christian?

1.       Admit your need for God.                                                                                             Romans 3:23-24

2.       Realize the reality of death and the promise of eternal life.                               Romans 6:23

3.       Change your heart and mind about your future.  Turn to God.                           Matthew 4:17

4.       Know that God loves you and wants a relationship with you.                            John 3:16

5.       Believe Jesus Christ died for you on the Cross and rose from the grave.     Romans 10:9-10

6.       Invite Jesus Christ to come in and fill your life with His Holy Presence.         Revelations 3:20



A Prayer To Receive Christ
Dear Jesus, I know I have failed and I need your forgiveness.  I believe You died on the cross to pay for my failures.  You rose again so I can live again.  I turn from my past an invite You to come live in my heart.  I trust you as my Savior, the forgiver of my failures, and my Lord, the leader of my life.  Thank you, Jesus.   Amen.

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