Adult Education Ministry
Leader: Marlena Graves
Adult Education

Maumee United Methodist Church has a strong historic commitment to Christian education for children, youth and adults on Sunday mornings. Over the years, this commitment has grown to include a large number of classes that span the generations of the congregation. Sunday School is one of the places where visitors and those seeking companionship on their faith journeys can find open hearts, open minds, and open doors.     See Times Below.


We often times go along just fine until something dramatic and life-threatening happens in our lives.  Then we waiver a bit and can slightly entertain doubts about our faith, or, "if we have been good enough" for God to even take time to hear our prayers. 

This is the time to re-enforce our faith, or learn to dig deeper so that we are strong and confident as Christians.  Now what do we do with all of this?  Keep it to ourselves?  Or do we become disciples of Jesus Christ and bring more into the fold?  (Which simply means inviting someone to join you at a church function, a worship service or a class.)  Or, you may be wondering how to spiritually support someone close to you who is going through a tough time. 

The focus this year is centered around my hope and prayer that you will join with us to encourage and build each other up in the "Spirit of Jesus Christ".  To reassure each other that the path we are on is the correct path, and that when the times do become tough, we are prepared to face those challenges with the support and encouragement of our Christian family.

I invite you to look over the following offerings for the next quarter.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

 and by all means..........Please Join Us.

Adult Discipleship -  Fall 2018

Sunday School Classes/Courses/Groups in Adult Education

Bible Seekers

Bible study. We care pray for, love, and care for one another in this group. Please join us.

Leaders: Gail & David Lindsay


9:45 am

The Benson Room


We do a variety of Bible studies throughout the year. We seek to apply and integrate what we learn while loving and caring for one another as friends. There's always room for more!

Leader: Terry Utterback


9:45 am

The Back Room

The Bridge

We think deeply and carefully about what it means to follow Jesus. We cover a variety of topics and books. Welcome!

Leaders: Dave Steel & Tom Miley


9:45 am

Room 116

Sassy Sisters

We are a small group that prays, laughs, and loves all while caring for one another and discussing portions of the Upper Room Devotional. Are you looking for a community of sisters with whom to share life together? We are here, welcome!

Leader: Vicky Ryan

Sunday 8:30 am

Room 119

(Jones Room)

Awesome God


We are group of differently abled adults and friends. We will be studying the book: Psalms, God Cares How I Feel. All aer invited to attend.

Leader: Various

Contact: Pastor Joanie Schilling


11 am

Benson Room
Sunday - Friday  Groups/Studies:      

Men's Bible Study

A smallish to medium group of rowdy and loving guys who take the Bible and one another seriously. Refreshments always available.

Leader: Brian Hinde




The Back Room

(Core Class)

Drown/Graves Home Groups

Share life together, pray together and serve one another and our community. Sunday @ 5:00pm Room 119 and 120

Monday Morning Book Club

We're a small, really medium group, readign books together and living life together. We have intriguing discussions, pray for one another, and serve others.

Leader: Rebecca Gilliam


9:30 am

Room 116

(A Core Class)

Disciple Fast Track

Old Testament

Research shows that the number one way to grow in Christ is through reading the Bible.  Join us as we edxplore the Old Testament.

Leader: Rob Curtis

Monday nights


6:30-8 pm

Back Room

Study of Proverbs

We will be studying Proverbs



Room 116

(Core Experience)Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Part of the wholeness, the life that Christ desires for us, unvoloves emotional health. Join us as we go through Pete Scazzero's E.H.S.

Leaders: Michelle Tichenor & Bonnie Zellers


6:30 - 8:00 pm

Room 116

La Fiesta

Men's Group

We meet at La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant at 1406 S. Reynolds Road, Maumee. We meet to discuss the week's sermon and how to apply it while investing in one another.

Leader: Jay Collins



6 pm


La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant

Maumee, OH


Adultish Small Group

Bible Study


We get together to hang out and study the Bible.

Leader: Erin Taylor

Every other Tuesday

7 pm

Bigby's at the intersections of Anthony Wayne Trail and South Detroit. Toledo, OH

Craft Connect


We make hats, scarves, shawls, and other things for those who need them. It is our mission.

Leader: Teri Rainsberg


6:30 pm

Room 106

K & R's Home Group

Come share life together,pray together, and serve one another and our community. Will also include Yoga!

Leaders: Rachel Barkholz & Krista Sellers.


9:30 - 11:00 am

Room 115

Wind Worshipers

We love God and we like motorcycles. We ride, do Bible studies, and fellowship.

Leaders: Bill Cox, Jim Cotner

2nd Wednesday of each month


Room 100

Book Study

WE will be reading: WHen DId GOd BEcome A Christian: Knowing through the Old and New TEstaments by David Kalas.

Leaders: Barb & Tony Lane


7-8:30 pm

 Room 116




Sending cards of care and well wishes.

2nd & 4th Tuesday @ 1 pm

The Bay

Di Sec God's Word


Learn to be in the word, personalize it, and grow in Christ

Leader: Dorie Lewis

Tuesdays @ 7p

Thursdays @ 2p


Room 102

Book Connect

4th Thursday of the month.

Leader: Jill Clapper



Room 116
Upper Room

We meet together to discuss the Upper Room's weekly, daily devotionals and how they apply to our lives. We also spend time in prayer.

Leader: Judy Wolf

Thursdays @ 6:30p Jones Room
   June 2019