December 2017  
This Week's Events
Adult Education Ministry
Leader: Debbie Strohbeck
Sunday School

Maumee United Methodist Church has a strong historic commitment to Christian education for children, youth and adults on Sunday mornings. Over the years, this commitment has grown to include a large number of classes that span the generations of the congregation. Sunday School is one of the places where visitors and those seeking companionship on their faith journeys can find open hearts, open minds, and open doors.     See Times Below.


We often times go along just fine until something dramatic and life-threatening happens in our lives.  Then we waiver a bit and can slightly entertain doubts about our faith, or, "if we have been good enough" for God to even take time to hear our prayers. 

This is the time to re-enforce our faith, or learn to dig deeper so that we are strong and confident as Christians.  Now what do we do with all of this?  Keep it to ourselves?  Or do we become disciples of Jesus Christ and bring more into the fold?  (Which simply means inviting someone to join you at a church function, a worship service or a class.)  Or, you may be wondering how to spiritually support someone close to you who is going through a tough time. 

The focus this year is centered around my hope and prayer that you will join with us to encourage and build each other up in the "Spirit of Jesus Christ".  To reassure each other that the path we are on is the correct path, and that when the times do become tough, we are prepared to face those challenges with the support and encouragement of our Christian family.

I invite you to look over the following offerings for the next quarter.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

 and by all means..........Please Join Us.

Winter  2016-2017      "Knowledge = Power = Change

Education Classes for Adults

Bible Seekers

Sunday: "Old Testament Characters"

9:45 am

The Benson Room

Winter Faith

Sunday: "Proverbs"

9:45 am

Conference Room


Sunday: "Angels"

9:45 am

The Back Room

The Bridge

Sunday: "Dietrich Bonhoeffer"

9:45 am

Room 116

YACHT Club (Young Professionals)

Sunday: "Guardrails" by Andy Stanley

11 am

Room 115

Young Adults Sunday:  Francis Chan  Bible Study 11 am The Back Room

Sassy Sisters

 Sunday: Upper Room Devotionals

8:45 am

Room 119

Short Term Class starts Jan 2017

 Wednesday: "Half Truths by Adam Hamilton"

 7 pm

Room  116

Upcoming January Topic:

"Half Truths" by Adam Hamilton

Wednesday  starting in January 2017 7 pm Room 116
Monday - Friday  Studies: ADVENT:  "UNDER WRAPS"

Tuesdays 7 p

starts Nov. 29

Church Sanctuary

"Financial Peace University"

January 11, 2017

register online at  


Led by Duane and Toni Carey

Child Care Provided


6:30 pm



"Men's Bible Study"

Sunday: Led by Brian Hinde

"Precepts For Living"

7 pm

The Back Room

"Men's Bible Study"

Tuesday Evenings at La Fiesta

Contact: Jay Collins

6 pm

La Fiesta in Maumee

"Upper Room Study"


6:30 pm

Room 119

"The Covenant" Seekers

Tuesday: Led by Pastor Joanie  

7 pm

Room 100

Book Discussion Group with Rebecca


Current Book: "Rediscover Jesus"

9:30 AM

Room 119

Coffee House Theology

Tuesday & Thursday

"Global Warming" 


Tue- 1:45 PM

Thur - 9:30 am

Room  116

CMG.... (Christian Motorcyclist Group)

"Wind Worshippers"

Planning Meetings

2nd Wednesday of each month

Contacts: Bill Cox or  Jim Cotner

7 pm

Room 100


Monday:  2nd & 4th


6:30 pm

Room  106

"Yarns of Love"

"Craft Connect"


Contact: Nan Bye  or  Penny Miklovic

6:30 pm

Room 106





"Adult Game Night"

4th Friday

7 pm

 Room 107


sending cards of care and well wishes

Tuesday : 2nd & 4th

1 pm

Conference Rm

"Seniors In Motion"

exercise for balance and flexibility



10 am


Family Life Center

"LifeTree Cafe"    meets on Wednesday Evenings at 7 pm in  THE ZONE (room 107)